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Center for Digestive Health Announces A New Non-Invasive test for the evaluation of liver disease

CDH is pleased to announce to it’s patients the introduction to our practice of FIBROSCAN. This simple, non-invasive test requires no preparation, sedation, or IV placement and therefore allows the patient to drive to and from our Mills office to have the test without a driver necessary.

Fibroscan is the first FDA cleared state- of- the art device providing a technology that in a simple 10 minute painless evaluation, gives a more accurate assessment of the severity (or lack thereof) of liver disease. This prevents the need of a liver biopsy in more than 90% of patients. It is an excellent tool for the evaluation and determination of the severity of disease states such as fatty liver, chronic viral hepatitis and other chronic liver diseases.

How is it done?….Patients must be fasting for 3 hours or more prior to the scan. They arrive and the exam is performed over a 5-10 minute period of time, during which the patient will lie on one of our exam tables with their right arm raised over their head. The operator then places a water based gel to the skin over the liver and a probe is gently pressed against the skin. The probe feeds data to a computer providing an immediate result. Your physician is given the report generated, analyzes the results and provides you and your referring physician the result. Is it simple to complete and insurance coverage is provided by most plans.

FIBROSCAN….cutting edge technology, as CDH continues to be at the forefront of GI care delivery in Central Florida.